100 Top Kid Sites

Helping kids learn,
discover and grow.

  Dr. Seuss's Seussville
Dr. Seuss site.
  Muppet World
Official Muppet site from The Jim Henson Company.
  Wild World of Wonka
The official Website of the Willy Wonka Candy Factory.
  How Stuff Works
Hundreds of cool articles that explain "How Stuff Works."
  PBS Kids
Games, jokes, and interactive stories, plus web sites for all of your favorite PBS characters.
Build a virtual pet online.
  Time for Teletubbies
Excellent BBC site for the teletubbies.
Helping kids learn, discover and grow.
Learn about Nickelodeon's popular TV shows and movies for kids.
  National Geographic: Kids
Travel to different times and places, create cartoons, or take a geography quiz.

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Game site for kids.
  John and Sara's Funtapes
Children will love to hear thier name in music. 13,000 names already in stock.
  The Space Store
Perfect gifts for the space cadet in your life - from newborn future astronauts to retired mission specialists.
  Zoobooks Magazine
The number one kids magazine about animals.
  Jordan Marie Baby Boutique
Exclusive baby clothing from Jordan Marie.
  Cartoon Network
Online home of the Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, 2 Stupid Dogs and Sailor Moon.
  Headbone Zone
Includes free chat, pager, cool games, free email for kids, exciting prizes to win, stuff to download, and more.
  WackyToon TV
Watch webtoons or preview the newest kid flicks.
  Diva Starz
Interactive site for girls, with webguides Alexa, Summer, Tia and Nikki.
  Coloring 4 Kids
Animated coloring and painting pages for kids. Fantastic!

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  Baby's Basics
The best baby products online.
  Babies Online
A rich collection of resources for parents of new babies.
  Binkley Teddy Bear Gift Shop
Quality Teddy Bear gifts that last a lifetime.
Unique, high quality babyu products.
The largest sticker store in the universe.
  The Kids Window
Kids designer clothing from Versace, Diesel, OshKosh, Marese, Jean Bourget and other top brand names.
The toys you remember, the quality you require.
  Paw Island Entertainment
Games, songs, and activities for children.
Excellent site for kids who love animals. Stories, games, polls, pet care guides. Created by the ASPCA.

Features the best selection of
posters and prints in the world.

  Nick Jr.
Excellent site for young kids.
  Ask Jeeves Kids
Ask Jeeves, kids version.
  Jazz Kids
Create your own improvisational jazz music with members of an animal band.
  K-8 Kid's Place
A fun place for children, teachers, and parents to learn and play.
Safe chat, polls and games for kids.
  Guiding Light Video
Childrens Christian videos, games and software.
A toy store for kids of all ages.
  Baby Songs
Musical videos for toddlers.
A zany, silly, wacky interactive word game you can play by yourself, with family or friends.
  Things From Another World
The galaxy's biggest selection of comics, toys, apparel, videos and DVDs, and much more.

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Personalized children's books.
  Kratt Brothers
Homepage of the "creature adventurers."
Fun, games, and surprises just for kids.
Parents and kid's site with games and more.
  Magic Keys
Helps toddlers learn their ABCs, colors and numbers.
  Sports Illustrated for Kids
Articles, games and more.
Get toys delivered right home.
  Robeez Footwear Ltd.
Fun leather footwear for children.
The world's largest and finest selection of luxury linens.
Make your child a star. Personalized Arthur videos.

The largest auction site in the world.
Bid on millions of items.

  Sesame Workshop
Games, stories and information for parents and kids.
A comprehensive, free, educational kids software site.
  US Space Camp
Simulators and more.
The best place for science entertainment, Yucky style.
Sticker book, art, math and other games for kids.
  Reading Rainbow
Activities, games, and stories revolving around the TV show.
  Kindle Park
Activities and games geared towards younger children.
E-zine by kids for kids.
  Ways of Knowing Trail
Educational as well as fun adventure game from the Brookfield Zoo.
  Disney's Blast
A fun, interactive kid's site from Disney.

Tower Records
Music and movie retail industry giant
offering some of the lowest prices anywhere.

An education site for K-8 teachers and kids.
Barbie online and interactive.
  ABC Toon Center
Cartoons, puzzles, games, and more for kids of all ages.
Fun stuff with plenty for kids.
  Imagine the Challenge
An online toy store for kids.
  PBS Kids Democracy Project
Be President for a Day!
  Walking with Dinosaurs
Learn about the life and times of Big Al and all his other dinosaur pals.
  Online Kids Games
Free online kids games.
Great kid's site.
  Kids Domain
A site for kids and the people who help teach them and care for them.

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for your favorite pet.

  Pauly's Playhouse.com
Full of games and activities for children and their parents.
Fun, games and prizes with Nabisco.
  Harry Potter
Guide to the popular children's stories from Scholastic Books.
Includes a game arcade, a stick-figure art gallery and coloring pages.
  Berenstain Bears
Site for the Berenstain Bears.
  The @rt Room
Provides a virtual learning environment for exploring the world of art.
  CBC 4 Kids
Online time machine for kids.
Free clipart, games, and puzzles from Club Zany.
A free web community for teenage girls.
  Universal Kids
Online playroom for kids from Universal Studios.

Online bookstore with
over 2.5 million titles.

  Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures
Join Maggie and her dog Dude as they solve environmental problems around the globe. Requires Flash.
  The Theodore Tugboat Centre
Centre for the Theodore Tugboat series.
  Consumer Reports for Kids
Providing information to consumers on products and services for kids.
Homepage for the FOX TV show, offering the chance to make your own mini animation movie.
  Walt Disney Records
Music from the Disney classic films.
  Earth Dog
Cartoon dog for kids.
  Kids' Corner
Online versions of books by children's author Beatrix Potter, including Peter Rabbit and Timmy Tiptoes.
Play interactive games while learning about great artists and how they made their art.
  TIME for Kids
Kid's version of TIME magazine.
Clothing and games at GapKids.com.

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  Surfing the Net with Kids
Weekly review of kid-friendly Web sites from the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  Humongous Entertainment
Excellent entertainment for kids.
  Planet Twinkie
Kid's site featuring the classic twinkie treat.
Kids' portal and playground.
  Golden Books
Publisher of children's books and entertainment.
Kellogg's fun kid's site with clothes, games and more.
Free Shockwave games from the makers of LifeSavers.
Where kids get on board the net.
  Kids at Hope
An organization dedicated to furthering the belief that "All kids are capable of success...No exceptions."
  Chantessy's Rainbow Magic
Games, music and more for kids.