Properties of Salt

i. common properties of salts, such as sodium chloride (NaCl).

Properties of Metals Review

You learned the properties of metals.  You also learned how to tell if a metal is a pure element or a combination of metals.

Which is not a property of metals

  conducts heat and electricity
  high melting point
insulates heat

You know a metal is a compound (combination) if ________

  It is on the periodic table
  It is not on the periodic table
It is heavy


Salt Molecules

The chemical symbol for table salt is NaCl. 


Sodium chloride crystal lattice
Notice that the atoms are in an orderly array.

Table salt is made of a combination of 2 different elements, so it is not a pure element, it is a compound

Using the periodic table, what are the 2 different elements, Na and Cl, that are combined to make table salt?


Properties of Salt

It is solid at room temperature

Color is clear

Soluble in water

Challenge Question

What is H2O?

What is CO2

What is O2

What is NaCl? 

Which of these is a liquid at room temperature?

Which is a solid at room temperature? 


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Draw a picture or write about what you have learned.


more molecules to look at